Data Sync Manager - Reliable Test Data (Coming Q3 2018)


Business analysts, Functional teams and other Power Users have specifc needs:


- GDPR-Compliant Real Data in test environments for more realistically testing results.

- Self Service - Control and Power to get the data they need, when they need it.

- Rapid Production Support capability.

- Real live relevant data for training that complies with Data protection laws.

- Remove reliance on non-GDPR compliant tactical solutions.

- Flexibility to copy only specific transactions and related master data from multiple modules.

- The knowledge that Sensitive data is protected across the landscape.



- Easy-to-use interface for selecting and copying only the data you need.

- Copies all EPR data, including complex HCM cluster data.

- No System interruptions or freezes.

- Empowers personnel to resolve issues quickly without having to wait for other teams.

- Masks and protects sensitive data.

- Reduces risks of adverse changes being introduced during implementations, upgrades, 

  Support/enhancement Packs

- Moves data from a lower to a higher release, and between different architectures.

- Easily extendable to include custom requirements.


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