PERFORMANCE LOAD & STRESS TESTING (PLST): This is our extensive performance testing service which is trusted by our endusers to enable them to make informed decisions about implemening changes in our Production systems.

The toolset and experience enables us to test internally and externally hosted applications, including complementary applications, websites, mobile apps, mobile devices, SAP, B2C, Citrix etc


TEST MANAGEMENT: Our team has extensive experience managing a wide range of performance projects. This enables us to accurately estimate the time and resources required for each new project.


APPLICATION PROFILING: We use a range of low- and high-level monitoring tools and techniques. Additionally, we are working alongside different technology teams to understand the behaviour of systems under load.


TEST DATA CREATION: Almost every performance testing project requires test data. We are experienced in generating large set of realistic data using a wide range of development tools.


PERFORMANCE CONSULTING: By drawing on years of experience, our team can help with all aspects of performance testing from greenfield system design to post-Production support.


Request a Performance testing (PLST) assessment

ecs tve process

ecs tve process


Baseline test is an initial performance indicator and health check of the code before any further test. It is measured when execution steps with a single user being alone in the whole system

Load test is evaluating whether the system will support expected load requirement. All the test scenario and configuration, data, system settings should mimic the production use and settings including simulating of remote users.

Stress test is evaluating : “What if…” (sudden changes in load – often unrealistic, all user login in the same time, too many users in the system, etc…). The objective of the test is to find limits.

Endurance test is an extension of load test over extended period of time (days) in order to catch memory leaks and other instability issues, interferences with overnight jobs, etc… including simulating of remote users.

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