Future State

- Fully embedded fine tuned test automation frameworks in product teams to deliver quality@speed.

- Leverage risk-based testing driven by predictive analyticsvLeverage robotic process automation (RPA).    

  and business process capture to automate tests.

- Intelligent testing aimed at the personas of the products (i.e. for wearables, IoT, websites etc.)

- Testers integrated in Product teams to provide best testing guidance.

- Full access to crowdsource testing services.

- White Papers for all new technologies and approaches.



Quality@Speed - Fully integrated test automation to enable continuous testing to achieve higher product quality with faster speed.

Optimise Testing Costs - Automation to increase efficiencies by allowing employees to focus more on value adding tasks.

Automation Acceleration Board - to support all projects to automate by identifying the automation  framework, expertise and approach to scale.

Community of Practice - to empower product teams with information access on best practices, teaching, guidance and services to best test their products.

Niche Skills & Scale - by elevating the Sourcing Model to provide product teams with niche testing skills sets and an ability to leverage scale.

Testing Capabilities Maturity - to mature our testing capabilities to support quality and speed in product teams.


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